Take the first exit to Eveleth and turn left.
Turn right at Grant Avenue - it's the only stop sign along the way.

Average Mammals   -  Hibbing, MN

Brain Bugs   -  Duluth, MN

Bliss   -  Minneapolis, MN

Brilliant Beast   -  Minneapolis, MN

Chained to Anchors   -  Virginia, MN

The Cult of Lip   -  Minneapolis, MN

Dad's Acid   -  Duluth, MN

DeSe   -  Duluth, MN

The Dirty Apes   -  Tower, MN

DJ Delgado   -  Duluth, MN

Drona   -  Minneapolis, MN

Eddiedition   -  Duluth, MN

Emily Haavik   -  Duluth, MN

The Farsights   -  Duluth, MN

Fearless Moral Inventory   -  Duluth, MN

The Glenrustles   -  Eveleth, MN originals

The Good Colonels   -  Eveleth, MN born

Haxxxors   -  Minneapolis, MN

The Horror   -  Duluth, MN originals

Ire Wolves   -  Duluth, MN

Iron Range Outlaw Brigade   -  Virginia, MN

Jaze   -  Duluth, MN

Jeff the Cat   -  Duluth, MN

Killuh Beats   -  Virginia, MN

Lazer Bear   -  Eveleth, MN

Leftover Ink   -  Duluth, MN

LeGiTiMaTe   -  Duluth, MN

Lord Montague   -  Duluth, MN

Low-Hi Funk   -  Duluth, MN

Mark Henderson   -  Sparta, MN

Matt Ray   -  Embarrass, MN

Megatron   -  Duluth, MN

Mikey Talented   -  Duluth, MN

Mr. Kickass   -  Duluth, MN

Nallo   -  Minneapolis, MN

Nopamine   -  Duluth, MN

P-Gnewmatikz   -  Eveleth, MN

Phillip of Nazareth   -  Duluth, MN

PizzaGhost   -  Duluth, MN

Plagued Insanity   -  Bloomington, MN

Portrait of a Drowned Man   -  Duluth, MN

Rich and Germaine   -  Sparta, MN

The Social Disaster   -  Duluth, MN

Space Carpet   -  Duluth, MN

Strictly Hammers   -  Duluth, MN

Willie Diction   -  Duluth, MN

Wolf Blood   -  Duluth, MN

Budget Host
2½ miles away

Super 8
1 mile away

Koke's Motel
five blocks away

Veterans Park Campground
3 miles away


With a grand total of two musical performances, the original Kurtfest would soon find itself outdone by every Kurtfest since. However, there's a little known fact about Kurtfest 2006. It was actually a LAN party.

College sophmores (at the time), organizers Dave Marcaccini and Joe Conaway sought to electify downtown Eveleth in more ways than one by reuniting old classmates to rock and slay the evening away.

Unbeknownst to them then, the duo would go on to release a video game of their own, Left 4 Duluth, six years later at the 2012 Night of the Living Kurtfest.

Kurtfest 2006 would become best known for Counter Strike, the Legend of Chinbeard, and pre-game brats which have been a Kurtfest tradition ever since.


If 2006 was the original festival, then 2007 was the original rager. A total of 16 performers had their way with the Kurtfest main stage, including such legends as Corporate Thunder, You Can't Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms, Black 13, and local favorites Colmekill.

Using little more than MySpace, fellow P-Gnewmatik, drummer Codie Leseman joined organizers Dave and Joe and unapologetically recruited as many local bands as possible. The three also enlisted help from fellow Duluthians to recruit even more performers from as far as Hudson, WI.

Beginning at 2:00pm, the second annual Kurtfest was truly an all-day festival. Held in the same old Siegel's Furniture building as last year's Kurtfest, and many Kurtfests to follow, the year 2007 solidified Kurt's role as mythical festival figurehead, held captive in the history books of downtown Eveleth, patientily awaiting the next fest.

2007 would become best known for two-stepping, cattleboxing, and arm socks.


Kurtfest 2008 is believed to have been the most well-attended Kurtfest to this day, with an estimated 250 attendees altogether. In addition, this year marked the introduction of the second Kurtfest stage, bringing about much greater efficiencies for non-stop rocking.

O Israel, Books on Tape, and Portrait of a Drowned Man were among the 18 performing acts in 2008. The first cited appearance of Kurt himself also occured at this year's event.

Though a textbook Kurtfest from front to back, there's another behind-the-scenes story to the 2008 fest. The same old furniture store building wasn't actually the first choice of venue for Kurtfest organizers. Working alongside local business owners of Bonsai Tea, organizers Joe, Dave, and Codie envisaged the abandoned Eveleth Auditorium as the site of this year's Kurtfest, even attending a city council meeting to voice their interest in the site. However, rejection came quickly in the form of a seven-figure barrier required to bring the building up to code. Regarded as a vain effort thereafter, it would come as a welcome surprise several years later as the City of Eveleth developed the Eveleth Auditorium Building Facility Plan and has already accepted a bid to begin renovation.

Kurtfest 2008 would become best known for decorative flood lighting, tea delivery people, and tiny stage divers.


21 bands in 11 hours made Kurtfest 2009 the most ambitious fest to date. On its fourth year running, Kurtfest '09 drew in a variety of greasy dudes, emo kids, and the occasional wedding party.

Enlisting the help of designer Cody Paulson and photographer Laramie Carlson, Kurt got his very own website for the first time, recapping the fest.

First time Kurtfest acts The People Say Fox, Nio Mariucci, and Sports! rounded out the evening along with several other new bands and several Kurtfest alumni. Curtis's cabin provided extended hours of entertainment for fest-goers, but would not be the last time said cabin embraced the spirit of Kurt.

Kurtfest 2009 would become best known for dodgeball, air hockey, and one legendary shred-off!


Billed as "The Final Kurtfest", the 2010 fest could more appropriately be referred to as the final consecutive Kurtfest. If an index existed to quantify raging, Kurtfest 2010 would have topped that index as couches and floorspace turned into valuable real estate by the end of the night.

The Quinquennial Kurtfest was graced for the first time by local legend Rich Mattson in The Tisdales, as well as newcommers Wyatt Famous, Phillip of Nazareth, and the Iron Range Outlaw Brigade.

With a sense of their early 20s coming to an end, Kurtfest organizers really thought this would be the final fest. No punches were held in this send-off celebration.

Kurtfest 2010 would become best known for keg stands, fixing your slacks, and a surprise late night performance.


Though not a Kurtfest at all, "Curtis Festival" filled the void in an uncertain future. Located at the same site as multiple past Kurtfest after-parties, Curtis Festival had a modest lineup of six bands, most of which were some reassemblage of bands dating all the way back to the first Kurtfests.

Curtis Festival would become best known for campfire pits, cars parked in lawn, and some clutch K&B Drive-In the next morning.


The "Night of the Living Kurtfest" in 2012 was the last Kurtfest anybody spoke of, until now. With headlining acts including Strictly Hammers, Teenage Moods, Farms, and of course the P-Gnewmatikz, now featuring Curtis Mattson (yes, Curtis Festival Curtis) under the helm as drummer.

Truly a celebration of muscle tissue, the Night of the Living Kurtfest featured Kurt himself serving Polish sausage to Bratwurst, a highlight performer of the evening. In addition, the debut of Left 4 Duluth provided much entertainment for those eager to ravage more than simply animal flesh on this zombie inspired evening of disarray.

The spirit of the Night of the Living Kurtfest can still be relived to this day, offering a cognitively tantalizing preview of what Kurtfest 2015 might bring. Utlimately, there's only one way to find out!

The Night of the Living Kurtfest would best be known for trampolining, the sexiest Kurt yet, and evening shuttle rides to the comforts of Pleasant Lake.

Kurtfest Organizers:

David Marcaccini
Minister of Local Affairs and
Minister of Purse and Coin

Codie Leseman
Minister of Propoganda

Jozef Conaway
Co-Minister of Artist Resources

Curtis Mattson
Co-Minister of Artist Resources

Email: kurt@kurtfest.com